Bergarde Galleries

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Bergarde Galleries bring you modern and contemporary art in two spaces at estate Het Buitenland, Heerjansdam, close to Rotterdam. The collection on offer includes art of internationally and nationally renowned artists. Bergarde also enables artists at the beginning of their career to present their work. Each year Bergarde organises a number of solo exhibitions with art from important artists from The Netherlands and from abroad.

Bergarde Galleries select art on quality and depth. Art which enriches each collection. Art that turns heads, fascinates, has its place in art history or in the future. On this website you will find all works that are currently on offer, except works that are momentarily on loan.

Bergarde Galleries is located at the Buitenland Estate, at the fringe of the village Heerjansdam, just south east of Rotterdam, between Barendrecht and Zwijndrecht. Heerjansdam is in close proximity to the motorways A15, A16 and A 29. Ample parking space on the premises.

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FS 138
John M Armleder/1948
FS 138/1987
Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands
Andy Warhol/1928 - 1987
Beatrix, Queen of.../1985
Shinkichi Tajiri/1923 - 2009
Neon Cube 90°
Jeppe Hein/1974
Neon Cube 90°/2006
Self Portraits and Portraits of the Artists
Andy Warhol/1928 - 1987
Self Portraits and.../1967
Pole Dancers
Chris Bracey/1950
Pole Dancers/2005
Seascape No 1.
Roy Lichtenstein/1923 - 1997
Seascape No 1. /1964
Lucky Rice
Rob Scholte/1958
Lucky Rice /1993
ZEEP: Hollywood Wax Museum
Eduardo Paolozzi/1924 - 2005
Hollywood Wax.../1969-70

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